A testnet Ethereum faucet is a tool designed for developers to obtain testnet Ether (ETH) for the purpose of testing and troubleshooting their decentralized applications or protocols before launching them on the Ethereum mainnet, where real Ether is used.

Ethereum Sepolia Faucet


QuickNode Ethereum Faucet is a user-friendly Multi-Chain Faucet that dispenses Ethereum Sepolia ETH.


The Alchemy Sepolia faucet stands out as it is free, efficient, and does not mandate authentication. However, users have the option to log in to Alchemy to receive a higher rate of testnet Ether distribution.

Bridging Sepolia ETH to Optopia Sepolia(Testnet)

Once you’ve acquired some Sepolia ETH, youc can transfer it to Optopia Sepolia through Bridge.

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