Bridge from Optopia

Bridging ETH from Optopia to Ethereum

Optopia's bridge is a fork of Optimism's canonical bridge. With Optimism's Bedrock upgrade, a two-step withdrawal process designed to enhance the safety and integrity of cross-chain transactions was introduced.

You can check the status of your withdrawal in the Transactions section. The 7 day withdrawal period is due to how optimistic rollups work, it's called the challenge period. Read more about it here

1、Bridge to Ethereum

First, go to Optopia's Bridge, click on withdraw, choose 「Use the official bridge」 ,select the token and input the amount you want to withdraw.

Click on Review Withdrawal , then check the 7 days checkbox and initiate the withdrawal.

You can see the transaction status of your withdrwal in the Transactions section

Please wait up to 1 hour until the status of your tx is ready to prove.

The steps to Prove and Finalize withdrawals are executed on Ethereum Mainnet. You will need ETH on Ethereum Mainnet to pay for these fees. This is also why these fees may seem high.

Make sure you have ETH on Ethereum to pay for gas.

2、After waiting for 1 hour, your transaction should be ready to "Prove withdrawal".

Now click Prove and submit the transaction, this will start the 7 day waiting period for the withdrawal.

3、Finalize Withdrawals

After proving the transaction you will have to wait 7 days until the status of the transaction is ready to finalise.

You can now click Claim and after approving the transcation you should see the funds in your wallet on the Ethereum network shortly. The fees paid here are on Ethereum network.

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