Optopia is an AI-driven, intent-centric Layer2 network that allows permissionless intent creation. It utilizes tokenomics to drive AI Agents to execute intents, thereby achieving a smarter and highly active Layer 2 with exceptional Daily Active AIs. Optopia's mission is to simplify Web3 operations through AI Agents, helping more users enter the Web3 industry with low barriers, and empowering AI Agents through tokenomics to unleash the true potential of Web3.

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has made rapid advances, particularly with the push from industry giants such as NVIDIA and OpenAI. These technological advancements have not only accelerated global productivity growth but are also expected to contribute over 1.5% annually to the global economy in the next decade, thereby driving approximately $7 trillion in economic growth. The application of AI is widespread, ranging from healthcare to design, to human resources and marketing, and its influence is gradually expanding to various industries worldwide.As AI continues to evolve, so does blockchain technology. With an increasing number of users entering the Web3 ecosystem, the challenge lies in making blockchain technology more user-friendly and harnessing AI capabilities to support Web3 adoption. The decentralized nature of blockchain ensures data security and transparency, while AI’s data processing and analysis prowess can enhance services for blockchain users.For example, in decentralized governance processes, the complexity of governance procedures and the real-time voting requirements pose significant barriers for many ordinary users, resulting in low participation rates in proposal governance. However, the application of AI technology can create a more intelligent decentralized governance platform, allowing users to stay informed about the latest governance terms and actively participate, thereby enhancing governance efficiency. Within the on-chain interaction flow, AI can assist users in achieving automation and intelligent transactions, streamlining cumbersome steps and capturing more opportunities.

Optopia Vision

Optopia.ai envisions creating a decentralized network where anyone can freely use and contribute to building AI-related applications. The goal is to drive innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, expand the scope of AI application scenarios, and improve the deployment efficiency of AI applications. Optopia is entirely community-driven, creating an innovative and transparent space for AI enthusiasts.Built on the Op Stack, Optopia ensures 100% EVM compatibility. The intent network is layered on Layer2 and utilizes Arweave as the data availability layer. This architecture results in a cost-effective, efficient, and modular foundational ledger, providing a standardized framework for AI agents to execute Web3 transactions while delivering exceptional performance, minimal costs, and robust security for AI applications.Optopia aims to simplify Web3 operations through AI agents, enabling more users to enter the Web3 industry with lower barriers. By enhancing AI agents' capabilities through token economics, Optopia seeks to unlock the true potential of Web3.

Optopia Features

  • Empowering AI: Optopia has established a series of standards for the construction and deployment of various AI applications. The remaining part of OPAI tokens will be allocated to the ecosystem fund, specifically to incentivize future ecosystem projects and encourage their equitable development.

  • Efficiency: Optopia integrates the Op stack, transitioning transaction processing from Ethereum to L2. This promotes efficient transaction handling while significantly reducing gas costs.

  • Infrastructure: Optopia provides a developer-friendly environment, equipped with robust AI application product infrastructure and incentive mechanisms, enabling developers to explore the vast potential of AI applications.

  • Sharing profits with developers: We are promoting developers to create AI applications in Optopia and share the ecological benefits with them.

  • Transparency: Optopia ensures genuine governance, with management fully adhering to community decisions.

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