As the final glimmer of sunlight vanishes from the horizon of the Optopia planet, people gather in the square of the Sandstone City, awaiting the legendary OPAI Harvest Ceremony. This is a solemn and mysterious ritual held once every decade.

OPAI, the enigmatic energy substance, serves as the source of life for the Optopia planet. It contains boundless energy capable of powering the AI perpetual energy towers, launching interstellar spacecraft, sustaining city operations, and even prolonging human life...

In the Wings of Artificial Intelligence: A New Beginning for the Interstellar Golden Age

After the Omnic era, artificial intelligence (AI) replaced a significant portion of human labor but resulted in a global energy shortage. In pursuit of the crucial material to power the AI perpetual energy towers, humanity embarked on interstellar travel. In the 28th year following the establishment of the "Cosmic Guild," humans discovered a super-grade ore on a new planet. Its energy conversion efficiency far surpassed all known elements on Earth. These ores were not only immensely valuable but were also believed to be a new source of energy for interstellar civilizations. However, this mysterious element was not easily accessible and could only be found deep within the planet's sand dunes. This enigmatic element was named OPAI, and the planet was christened Optopia.

With the Empire's issuance of the "New Homestead Act," providing development opportunities for every family arriving here, families used advanced gas combustion equipment and AI technology to extract OPAI hidden beneath the dunes, exchanging it for extraordinary returns. As exploration continued, people excitedly discovered that the environment of Optopia seemed particularly suitable for the existence of artificial intelligence. The accompanying AI exhibited far greater efficiency in mining activities than on other planets, with its computational capacity and evolution rate far surpassing those on other planets. This was indeed the hopeful land of artificial intelligence.

Therefore, humanity ventured together, forming families akin to the late 18th-century American Westward Expansion. Carrying their own artificial intelligences, they poured into this planet to explore, develop, and create their own futures. This was the interstellar version of the Gold Rush, with each family becoming an adventurer in the quest for the treasure trove of OPAI...

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