What is Optopia Bridge?

Optopia Bridge is a tool that helps you transfer tokens between different networks. You can use Optopia Bridge to send ETH and OPAI tokens from mainnet or testnets Optopia.

Bridge URL:

How much does it cost to bridge?

Bridging tokens and coins require paying fees and there is the defined minimal L2 Gas limit, which may increase the defined by user Gas value.

How long does it take to transfer from Ethereum mainnet to Optopia?

The transfer from Ethereum to Optopia typically only requires a few minutes.

How long does it take to transfer from Optopia to Ethereum mainnet?

It takes about 14 days to transfer from Optopia to Ethereum. This duration is implemented as a security measure to enhance the security of Optopia.

For more details about deposit and withdrawal, you can refer to the official documentation of Optimism for these two parts:

How to withdraw from Optopia

Withdrawals from Optopia require multiple steps. The process is similar to withdrawing from Optimism. Withdrawals take approximately 7 days to complete.

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